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As ever, Apple has come through and presented us with a whole raft of exciting new iPhone models, one of which is the iPhone Xs. They update the winning formula of the X model and take it to new levels.

Design and Display

With no bezels on these models, the screen size of the iPhone is maximised, allowing you to get the most out of your phone each time you use it. The Xs is a good fit for most people, especially if you don’t want the extra size and bulk of the Max model. It’s a premium design, and the display is one of the best available right now. It’s a Super Retina custom OLED display offering 458 pixels per inch and is 5.8” in size.

Tech Specs

The iPhone Xs comes in three capacity sizes: 64GB, 256GB and 512GB, offering the customer a range of options to suit their usage needs. An A12 bionic chip is used, as well as a next-generation neutral engine. It also comes with 4GB of RAM to power it.


One of the major upgrades to the Xs is found in the camera feature. Face ID is quicker than ever and the dual camera is much better at handling dark environments and those with high contrast. Smart HDR is also brought in which makes a big difference.


All of the core elements that made the iPhone X are still here, with some upgrades and improvements that make owning and using the latest iPhone even more fun and enjoyable. Make the most of the latest deals and offers here if you want to make the upgrade.

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