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The iPhone 8 makes up part of Apple’s trio of releases from last year that also includes the flagship iPhone X and the more considerable iPhone 8 Plus. While the other two handsets are regarded as expensive, there are plenty of excellent iPhone 8 deals priced at a level that offers exceptional value. Here’s our rundown on the iPhone 8 and a brief outline of what you can expect.

Tech Specs

The technical side of the iPhone 8 offers a vast improvement over its ancestors. Equipped with a brand new A11 Bionic 6-core processor, it’s incredibly fast and noticeably more efficient than what you can expect on the iPhone 7. Apps run cleanly, smoothly, and without the drama of bugs and battery drain. And according to Apple themselves, you can expect speeds of up to 70 per cent faster than the A10 chip found in your old iPhone 7. This represents a significant increase and straight away puts the eight well ahead.


The iPhone 8 also offers wireless charging. It’s been a long time coming, but Apple tends to get things right first before making significant improvements, and everything works as well as you might expect. All you have to do is put the handset onto a charging mat – or the Apple-built AirPower Pad – and your phone can recharge.


Finally, another significant improvement lies in the camera. With the iPhone 8, you can take some incredible shots thanks to the lighting mode – which is powered by AI. And once your shoot is complete, you can use the inbuilt editing suite to doctor your photos as you see fit. Check out the iPhone 8 deals above and find something that suits you!

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