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Google released the Pixel 3 on October 9th to extraordinary critical acclaim. The device, which provides an unfiltered Android experience, gained widespread availability in November 2018 and brings with it a host of exciting new features.

Design and Display

Thanks to a soft-glass body, the latest version of the Pixel is capable of wireless charging.

Sharper corners on previous devices are smoothed on the Pixel 3 and the new OLED screen, at 5.5 inches, is half an inch bigger than the old one, giving the new phone more presence. You can get Google Pixel 3 deals on all three color versions of the phone – “Not Pink,” “Just Black,” and “Clearly White.”

Tech Specs

The Pixel 3 improves on the battery capacity of the Pixel 2 by 215 mAh, clocking in at more than 2,915 mAh. The screen ppi of 443 is a little less than many other flagship phones on the market today, but Google ships both the 3 and 3XL with the highly capable Snapdragon 845.


Google packs a lot of technology in the new Pixel, from the Active Edge technology that allows you to pinch the phone to bring up the Google Assistant to dual front-facing speakers that provide near-stereo sound. Designers ditched the micro-SD slot and headphone jack but kept the much-loved fingerprint scanner.

The rear camera is one of the most advanced on the market, with a resolution of 12.2 MP, and AI-driven features to improve photo characteristics, including Night Sight that enhances image quality in the dark.


The Pixel 3 is a dramatic improvement over previous generations, offering users a host AI- and battery-driven technologies that are bound to excite.

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