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Use our mobile phone comparison tool to compare mobile phones and find the best pay monthly mobile phone deals and sim only offers in minutes. We know that everyone has different tastes in handsets – Some people prefer larger screens, some prefer small devices and others love to have a pen. No matter what your preferences, we are here to make choosing your next smartphone and contract easy.

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Mobile Phone Deals FAQs

  • Why compare mobile phone deals with Dialaphone?

    If you’re struggling to decide between the huge amount of mobile phone deals on the market, you’re not alone.

    With so many models, tariffs and contract options, it’s important to find one that works for you.

    We work with all major UK networks and retailers to ensure you can compare mobile phone deals and find the best prices available.

  • How can you find the best mobile phone deals?

    We compare offers from all the major UK retailers and networks, making sure we find you the perfect deal. Our mobile phone comparison tool is updated daily to ensure you can always find the best mobile phone deals available.

  • Can I keep my current number?

    Yes, it is very easy. You’ll need a PAC Number (porting authorization code) from your current provider. Within 2 days they must issue one, otherwise, give a valid reason as to why they aren’t able to. Give the code to the new provider, but keep in mind when you call they are likely going to try to convince you to stay and sell you their products. If they offer you a new phone, deal, or lower rate, check out Dialaphone before you commit, to compare prices and ensure you get the best mobile phone deal available.

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