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broadband dealsFinding broadband deals that are best for you can be a difficult task. In a world where our reliance of on fast internet connections is greater than ever. Broadband connects your computers, smartphones, and other online devices to the internet both at home and on mobile. This ultimately allows you to browse and complete a variety of online interactions in the most comfortable fashion.

Almost all of the UK boasts broadband coverage, although speed limitations can vary. The common connections are ADSL, Cable, Fibre Optic, and Mobile (3G and 4G). Dialaphone helps you compare different broadband offers to find the perfect solution.

How to get the best broadband deals?

If your current broadband deal fails to deliver speed, reliability, or value for money, it’s time to switch your internet service provider today. Dialaphone makes it easier than ever.

For starters, you can test your home’s current bandwidth speeds with this simple broadband speed test facility. This will instantly confirm whether you’re currently receiving the speed and service that your provider has advertised, which could be the first step to determining that a better solution may be available.

Dialaphone lets you compare packages while filtering results to your requirements and budget is easy too. Finding the best broadband deal has never been simpler.

Why use our broadband comparison?

Use our broadband comparison tool to compare broadband deals to suit your needs. There are a number of things to take into consideration. Firstly consider the length of the plan, if you don’t want to commit to a long contract check out some of the pay as you go broadband plans that are available. Secondly, What you are likely to use your plan for? If you only plan to use your package for browsing and sending emails then price and reliability should be your main concern. That’s why using a broadband comparison tool is important.

Why choose a new broadband deal?

There are several reasons that you may be unhappy with your current broadband deal. This list includes;

  • Extra charges due to surpassing data limits
  • Disrupted or slow service
  • Poor value, especially after the new customer contract duration has expired
  • Service doesn’t offer the extras you need.

Whatever the reasons for your dissatisfaction might be, there is no excuse for persisting with an inadequate service, particularly as there are so many alternatives on the market. Consumer needs have evolved and, if your provider is no longer capable of satisfying them, you should have no hesitation in taking your custom elsewhere.

What to look for in a broadband deal?

Aside from the obvious requirements of a broadband package that provides the speed and disrupted service that your family needs, it’s vital that you find a deal that offers the greatest value for money.

The cost of your monthly bill isn’t the only factor to consider, and Dialaphone can quickly help you analyse the additional costs and potential benefits to ensure you get to see the full picture. The issues to look out for include, but are not limited to;

  • Set-up fees
  • Equipment costs
  • Future price increases
  • Wi-Fi hotspot access
  • Savings gained from advanced payments
  • Call charges outside of inclusive minutes
  • Additional subscription services included for free
  • Security and extras
  • Vouchers and welcome gifts.

By analysing the full picture, you’ll be able to make a far more calculated decision. Dialaphone will guide you through the process. Anything less than the best simply won’t suffice.

Broadband only deals

Broadband only deals are ideal for customers that just want to pay for the internet they use without the additional commitments and costs of TV packages and telephone line rentals. Broadband only deals are available on superfast connections as well as unlimited usage agreements, although those with monthly limits are available too.

Finding one with the appropriate download speeds for your household’s requirements should be easy.

Broadband deals with data limitations

While unlimited broadband is a necessity for some, many customers find that packages with data limitations are the better solution. Not least on a financial standing.

Limited broadband deals are offered by a host of service providers while the monthly usage limitations can vary greatly too. Light users that merely wish to read a few emails and do a little browsing may be covered by 2GB or 5GB a month.

Conversely, families that use their internet for watching a few catch-up TV shows, making some video calls, and playing music may find that 10GB or 20GB may be more appropriate.

When selecting a limited data plan, however, it’s vital to consider your usage and leave a little space for comfort as going over the limit could result in some very hefty charges. If the household is likely to go through a lot of usage for gaming and other activities that require a lot of bandwidth, unlimited will be the way to go.

How to get more from your broadband deal?

New customers often get the best deals on broadband packages, which is why now is the perfect time to make the switch. With Dialaphone’s easy to use comparison and filtering system, you’ll be able to find the best solution for your needs in no time.

Remember to factor in the contract length as well as the additional set-up fees to ensure you reach the perfect conclusion. Connecting to the World Wide Web has never felt better.

Broadband only vs packages

Broadband only packages are designed for customers that merely wish to pay for their internet usage. However, users should note that many providers still require a phone line – although many do offer this at a reduced rate – which may encourage you to take a package deal instead.

A package deal can include TV or telephone services to complement the broadband.

ADSL, Fibre Optic, & Superfast Fibre Broadband

While UK customers are blessed with broadband deals from a wide range of internet service providers, they all use one of three solutions. Making the right choice between ADSL, Fibre Optic, and Superfast Fibre broadband packages is crucial.

  • ADSL: ADSL connections provide internet data via copper telephone lines. They can offer speeds of up to 16Mbps, which is enough for watching on-demand TV on one device without encountering major buffering.
  • Fibre Optic Broadband: Fibre Optic connections see data transmitted via fibre optic cables, producing speeds of up to 38Mbps. This is fast enough to have several devices for watching TV, or for gamers to play online games with minimal lag.
  • Superfast Fibre Broadband: Superfast Fibre connections use high-tech cables and can transfer data at speeds in excess of 38Mbps, with many offering maximum speeds of over 50Mbps. This is ideal for multiple devices, online gamers, or users that wish to download large files in seconds.

Whichever option you choose, it’s vital to check that the chosen internet service provider is able to deliver the quality broadband you deserve. With Dialaphone’s support, doing this prior to making a commitment is easy.

Broadband, TV & phone packages

As well as the broadband only deals, many internet service providers offer broadband as part of a bigger package.

  • Broadband & TV: By bundling your TV and broadband together, it’s possible to take care of your family’s entertainment needs with one service.
  • Broadband, TV & Phone: Alternatively, you can add a landline package, often including free weekend and evening calls. While the line rental is another cost, bundling all three together can save money overall.

Combining broadband with other services isn’t for everyone, particularly if you aren’t in need of those additional services. Still, millions of families find that consolidating several items into one is the ultimate solution for their home entertainment needs and Dial-a-Phone can guide you through the process.

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