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N95 KiteCam – The Flying Nokia N95

A flying N95 is not something you see every day, but some innovative guys from Denmark thought why not? So they took a kite, an N95, some duck tape, some wind, and a degree in media engineering (not sure the last one is necessary), and created some great pictures and a fascinating video. One crazy guy from Denmark A N95, a kite, and some duck tape Great pictures from the flying N95 As they say, everything

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Dogs trained to steal mobile phones!

Word on the streets in China is there’s a new criminal in town. He’s short, highly dangerous, extremely nifty, and very innocent looking.  Please be warned … he’s reportedly a “hardened criminal”.  He’s mans best friend … yep he’s a DOG! In the Chinese city of Guangzhou, the local police have issued a warning against dogs with a thing for mobile phones. Strange you might think, yes … but recently it’s becoming somewhat the latest

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SMS World Record…Can You Beat 42 Seconds?

Ah, the Guinness Book of World Records…what a book it is. It seems that nowadays no matter what you do – as long as its something ludicrous – you’ll get into the book and become the world record holder of something or another. Some grow the longest fingernails… others attempt the ghastly like how many cockroaches they can eat within a minute, and some perform the plain stupid such as who can walk the furthest

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