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T-Mobile and Three To Share Mobile Network in UK

A few hours ago it emerged that T-Mobile and Three are to share their UK mobile phone networks in an attempt to avoid the substantial costs of individual expansion. An official announcement is expected later today. Both companies have been looking to proceed with a regional expansion of their high-speed wireless networks, and by combining their networks they will be able to provide greater coverage for users of third-generation services such as internet browsing, video calling, and

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14 Things To Do With An Old Cell Phone

There must be millions of old cell phones festering away in drawers, forgotten and unloved, and soon to be consigned ingloriously to the rubbish dump. But before you send your ancient phone packing, check out our tips on how to squeeze that last little bit of juice out of your old pal. 1. Trade it for Cash Ever wondered how much your old mobile phone could be worth? With Dial-a-Phone’s cash for old phone offer you can be getting back some of

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Samsung U600 – World’s slimmest slider mobile phone – Buy Now!

Update: Samsung have just launched an improved version of the U600, the Samsung G600 with a 5 mega pixel camera. One of the most exciting launches at the 3GSM World Congress was that of the Samsung U600, surely one of the big phones of 2007; a return to form for samsung mobile phones. It’s one of four mobile phones released as part of Samsung’s new Ultra Edition II range, which will be Samsung’s flagship range in

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iPhone, iChat, iPod-mobile, iDon’t Know!!

We all know Apple’s new phone is coming, probably early in 2007, and plenty of people have already mocked up their own versions of it online. But most of these were designed before the most recent information was released by Kevin Rose, founder of, and someone who should really know! The latest information we have is that: It won’t be called the iPhone. Despite being unofficially dubbed iPhone for ages, Apple never owned the

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Recommended Mobile Phone Blogs and Forums

The internet is mixed bag when it comes to mobile phone content (3 mobile). Good impartial advice tends to be swallowed up in the mountain of cowboy phone stores, price comparison sites and ringtone popups. But located deep in the rubble are some really quite useful sites to enlighten your mobile journey. I recommend… – A bible of mobile phone resources. Painstaking reviews of the latest phones, several pages long, with more pictures than you could possibly want to look at. All the

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