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LG Viewty looks a Right Beauty!

LG has officially confirmed it will be launching the LG KU990 aka the ‘LG Viewty‘ some time in the not too distant future here in the UK. Speculated to be the next Prada Phone, the Viewty uses a similar touchscreen interface and boasts HSDPA-enhanced 3G broadband data capabilities.  Its also got a whopping 5.1-megapixel camera with Schneider Kreuznach optics on the back that is capable of recording video at an awesome 120 frames per second

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World’s first photos of LG Prada Phone! – Now in Stock! Buy Online.

The basic handset is the LG KE850, which we know is coming out soon, but it won’t be branded LG. It will have a Prada design and packaging and will have a unique Prada user interface. Rumours have been circulating recently that the KE850 is actually a working version of Apple’s imminent iPhone, but we can categorically say that this is not the case! We know that the iPhone is going to come in 4GB

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