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Jon Tickle: How to save a phone that’s gone down the toilet!

Every year, Britons drop 850,000 phones down the toilet at a cost of over £300 million. In this Dial-a-Phone tutorial, Jon Tickle, star of Big Brother and Brainiac explains what to do the next time your phone takes a swim! Cheers Jon, very helpful! So just to recap then…   Here’s the full transcript of the video. Every year, Britons drop 850,000 phones down the toilet! At a cost of over £300 million! Next time this

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How to upload to Flickr using a mobile phone

It was only a matter of time before the social networking revolution found its way onto the mobile phone, next in our series of ’How to’ guides we’ll explain how to upload your mobile phone pictures directly to popular photo community Flickr.  There are two ways to upload to Flickr – use the email service, or use a third party uploader. I’ll explain both. Please note that to browse the new Flickr mobile site and use email uploading you

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How to upload to YouTube using a mobile phone

The first in our series of ’How to’ social networking guides focus on using a mobile phone to upload a video to YouTube. For those among us who mostly use our mobiles for making calls and sending the odd text, the notion of uploading a photo or video can seem a bit daunting. Fear not! It’s really much, much easier than it looks, as this quick how-to guide using two of the most popular sites will show.

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