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Jon Tickle: How to save a phone that’s gone down the toilet!

Every year, Britons drop 850,000 phones down the toilet at a cost of over £300 million. In this Dial-a-Phone tutorial, Jon Tickle, star of Big Brother and Brainiac explains what to do the next time your phone takes a swim! Cheers Jon, very helpful! So just to recap then…   Here’s the full transcript of the video. Every year, Britons drop 850,000 phones down the toilet! At a cost of over £300 million! Next time this

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Do mobile phones make you impotent?

Surely not! Let’s take a look. A study of 364 men in America has emphatically revealed that use of the mobile phone for more than four hours a day has a damaging effect on men’s fertility. As a bloke, I should think I’m as well equipped as any to offer my reaction, and here it is… Four hours a day!! What self-respecting male talks on their mobile phone for fours hours a day? I don’t

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