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How To Destroy Your Old Mobile Phone

Fill in the blanks: “I hate my mobile phone sometimes because (blank). I wish I could do (blank) to it.” We’ve all had good reasons to hate our cell phones. Failure to get coverage when we really, really need it. Breaking on us before our contracts are up. Refusing to allow us to access our voice mail messages. On a regular basis, our cell phones cause us annoyances and grievances that can make us want

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4 Ways A Cell Phone Can Save Your Life!

The world is a dangerous place. At any moment, you could become the victim of a natural disaster, an international threat or the malicious intentions of the guy next to you on the subway. You could get lost while hiking or find yourself stranded because you forgot to put a spare tire in the trunk of your car. Living in modern society poses certain risks; however, modern society also regularly finds ways to reduce those

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12 Steps To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Mobile Phone

Regardless of the fact that the standby time of most modern mobiles runs into days, there has come a point in all our lives where our phone’s battery meter is flashing as we need to make a very important call – will it have the juice to do it, or will it cut out just as you say ‘hello’?  This needn’t be a regular occurrence though, as there several ways to improve the length of

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Buyers Guide: Can a camera phone ever replace a camera?

It’s not all about megapixels, megapixels, megapixels you know. Increasingly, people are looking towards camera phones as the ultimate in gadget convergence because it really is handy not to have to take an expensive extra bit of tech with you on holiday. Plus, suppose you suddenly bump into your hero on the street (unlikely to happen to me unless Neil Gaiman moves back to England) and you have no camera to record the event? You’d

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