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Google Phone out within a Week – Again

Here we go again… there has been some breaking news this week from the likes of The Wall Street Journal that the long-awaited Google Phone could be released WITHIN A WEEK! Do I believe it… No! Over the last few months, they have been numerous stories about the “Google Phone Launching in Two Weeks”, all from reliable sources of course. The news certainly helped Google’s share price. Shares of the search giant gained $12.23, or

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First photos of Google phone!

The first photos have appeared of the new Google phone, reportedly called the Google Switch. Admittedly they’re not much to go on, but they tie in with various reports that the search giant are stirring in the mobile sector. What can we expect of the Google phone? It will certainly have access to all of Google’s applications, including the search engine, Google Maps and Gmail, and it will also have built-in GPS navigation to facilitate the use of Google Maps. It doesn’t

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