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New Nokia 8800 Arte Series Luxury Phones

Nokia’s existing premium range mobile phones, the 8600 Luna and the 8800 Sirocco are beautifully styled phones, but lack an impressive list of features to justify their hefty price-tags. Nokia however, have just unveiled two new models that maintain the breath-taking style of the aforementioned phones and boast some serious features too. The 8800 ‘Arte’ and the 8800 ‘Arte Sapphire’ are the two new models in question, easily differentiated by colour, the ‘Arte’ is black

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First pictures of Tag Heuer Mobile Phone

It has been announced that Tag Heuer will be join the likes of D&G, Prada and launching their own branded mobile phone. The phone will be designed by Paris based ModeLabs and is expected to launch within the next few months. The phone will be a completely new design, unlike the D&G phone, which was just a standard Motorola V3 resprayed gold with a stuck-on D&G logo. The phone is expected to be made of

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