Cut The Rope Gets A Second Outing

There are so many unputdownable mobile games out there that sometimes it’s almost depressing to find yet another one to fit into our busy lives. But this week we know exactly what we want to be playing, as it’s been announced that the cute and fiendishly addictive Cut the Rope is getting a second outing.

The original Cut the Rope is a classic – what’s not to like about making a green froggy blob (Om Nom) happy by feeding him candy? The premise of the game is simple, cut the rope at just the right moment to make sure that froggy gets his tasty treats. But, of course, it’s not that simple, you have to contend with a fiendishly frustrating number of puzzles too.

We’re not too surprised that Cut the Rope is getting a second version. After all, the game has been downloaded by over one million users and there’s even a comic book version in the works.

So, what do we know about Om Nom’s latest adventure? Well, IGN gleaned some info and managed to find out that a mysterious new character called the Professor is set to feature, and that Om Nom is finally going to be escaping from his box.

You might think we’re a little crazy, but for all you rope cutters out there, we’re sure you’ll join us in doing a little happy dance as we look forward to cutting plenty more ropes in the near future! In the meantime, we might just replay through the original (again).

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