New iPhone 4 features

And Steve Jobs proclaims “I name thee iPhone 4″ We all had massive hope for this day and it has finally been announced, Steve Jobs has just taken to the stage and announced to the world the new iPhone 4 is finally ready to be unleashed on the world. And my goodness what a beauty!! You can forget your Cheryl Cole’s, Megan Fox’s and world cup WAGS (for now) we have a new idol to lust over.

The build up seems to have been forever, and now it has finally arrived, the combination of years of work, internet leaks and my mates uncle who’s mates with someone who is married to the Apple office cleaner has seen… we’ve had claims and counter claims about what the new operating system will it be as fast as superman… now that wait is FINALLY OVER!!!!

The new iPhone 4 features roll off like a roll call of bunnies at the playboy mansion, each one individual and seductive and you would sell your Grandma to have one (sorry Gran).

Steve Jobs announcing 8 key feature of the iPhone 4 a staggering 100 new features compare to the previous 3GS, 1 amazing new design, and it appears that the “iPhone in a bar” was true. The new iPhone 4 has the sleek stainless steel edging, not only does it look amazing it is part of the antenna system! And is really really thin!! 9.3mm to be precise, that is a massive 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS and is the thinnest Smartphone on the planet. The iPhone 4 has a front facing camera for video calls. As well as this the bog standard Smartphone tools apply with Bluetooth, WI-FI, GPS etc…

The display on the iPhone 4 looks out of this world the display boasting a 960 x 640 pixel screen that is an amazing 4x more than the 3GS and if that wasn’t quite enough the OLED screen is glass fronted for super optical quality! This is not only for quality movies and pictures but for everyday uses like text messages and emails!!

The battery on the iPhone 4 has a stupendous 40% more talk time than the regular 3G, it boasts 40hrs music play back, 300hrs on standby, 10hrs of video playback and too boot and a memory of up to 32GB!!

Gaming will not be the same again on mobile phones… iPhone 4 has 3 axis gyro pitch…. What is that I hear you cry!! Well it is a revelation I tell you!! Playing games like jenga (as shown by Steve Jobs) on a phone! Being able to rotate the screen round to different dimensions to take out pieces of the jenga puzzle!!

The camera… this has historically always been (some would say) the iPhone’s Achilles heel a pretty mediocre camera at best but ladies and gentlemen not anymore… the iPhone 4 is packing a super 5MP camera with illuminated backlight, for extra quality pictures and 5x optical zoom! As well as that it has the ease of just a simple tap to focus your pictures and a LED flash!! AMAZING… but wait there is more to come from the 5MP beaut, HD VIDEO RECORDING!! That’s right iPhone 4 has HD recording 720p at 30 frames per second!! And it fits in your pocket! Blown away is not the word for this people!! If that wasn’t enough you will be able to edit your HD videos with the editing software, and you will be able to upload it straight onto Facebook or Youtube in seconds.

Now the operating system…. For this Apple are dropping the ‘Phone’ she will now be referred to as iOS4 the new operating system for iPhone 4 as we said it has over 100 new user features compared to the 3GS, quicker/ sharper /faster than before, this new iOS4 will make multitasking a breeze and flicking between web pages a doddle!!

iBooks is the next biggy on the agenda basically it is the same as on the iPad but brought on to the iPhone 4. It will have the same book shelf as the iPad, same PDF’s…. basically iBookstore on your iPhone, not only was it the people in the conference hall cheering you could hear every tree in the Amazon rain forest (and even the ones outside the dial a phone offices) cheering with delight, about this new feature…

Finally iAds, now this was the corporate part of the presentation, I know there had to be one didn’t there! But like he did with many things tonight, Mr Jobs pronounced this as a good thing quoting that it will be used to make develops of apps more money (so if you’re a app developer you could be quids in…) basically you will be able to stream ads to your phone and the list of corporations already on this new marketing band wagon went from Nissan to Unileiver. Is this the future of advertising? Hold this space…

And finally I can hear everyone screaming “I WANT ONE WHEN CAN I HAVE IT I WANT IT NOW NOW NOW”…. Well 24th of June 2010 is the magical day for the UK! Apple announced that the iPhone will be on sale on 24th June 2010 and available on pre-order from 15th June we in the UK are amongst the lucky few with the USA, France, Germany & Japan being able to get it on this date and other countries such as Australia & Canada having to wait till July unlucky Aussies….

Register your interest here now and we will keep you updated on prices and availability of networks as soon as we know!!

Key Features

  • New operating system iOS4
  • 5MP camera with 5x optical zoom, LED Flash
  • HD video recording
  • 40% more battery life compared to 3G
  • iBooks & iBookstore same as the iPad
  • 24% thinner than 3GS only 9.3mm thick
  • Front facing camera for video calls
  • Brand new design, steel frame and glass fronted OLED screen
  • Up to 32GB memory
  • iAds revelation for marketing

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