First Look at the New Samsung L870

A brushed metallic finish on a mobile phone really gives it a quality look, something which continues inside Samsung’s exciting new slider handset, the L870 too. These first pictures show the phone as an interesting mixture of traditional machined Samsung keypad, hidden by a surprisingly angular slider design, reminiscent of Nokia’s N95 in places. Let’s look at the key features:

Key features of the Samsung L870

• A 3 megapixel camera.
• A large 2.4” screen displaying 16 million colours.
• 3G with HSDPA.
• Symbian v9.3 operating system, with the latest feature pack.
• An FM radio, music and video player to keep you entertained.

What’s getting many hot under the collar with the L870 is the Symbian v9.3 operating system, which if you’ll allow us to get technical for a moment, is the S60 3rd Edition with Feature Pack 2, and the inclusion of the Safari web browser more normally found in Apple products such as the iPhone. Samsung’s clear objective with the L870 is to get people online and that browser, the large screen and HSDPA data speeds makes the phone is very well equipped to do so.

As this is a Symbian phone, users will have access to the many applications found on the Internet with which they can customise their phone. Samsung hasn’t neglected the standard list though, as built-in is the impressive Checkit task manager, business card recognition, a comprehensive phonebook and contact management system, document viewer and push email support. The L870 is shaping up to be a formidable business phone which will not look out-of-place being used in a stylish bar either.

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