Sony Ericsson G502 Offers HSDPA Internet On The Cheap

There’s been a fair amount of talk and more than a handful of leaked photos of Sony Ericsson’s new handsets, and following recent activity by Samsung and Nokia, I guess it just couldn’t wait any longer to put out an official announcement. Nokia’s recent expansion of its XpressMusic range threatens to steal Sony’s crown as the punter’s music-phone of choice, but in the G502 Sony Ericsson is targeting a slightly different market.

The G502 offers HSDPA data connectivity, which makes it fast and easy to access features such as landscape-mode web browsing, RSS feeds, photo blogging and email support using webmail and ActiveSync. It’s based on Sony Ericsson’s Java Platform 8, which supports the next generation Java standard including mobile 3D gaming.

Elsewhere you’ll find a 2” 320×240 pixel display and 32MB of internal memory, which can be expanded via microSD. There’s also an FM Radio, Bluetooth AD2P and a rather paltry two megapixel digital camera. Any rumours you might have heard that the model has GPS built-in aren’t actually true, though there is a port to attach a GPS accessory that you can buy separately. The phone comes with Google Maps to help you take advantage of it.

Like many new releases from the main manufacturers over the last year, Sony has rather hand-picked the strengths of the G502, but while it appears though it has cut back in certain areas this does mean you’ll be able to pick one up quite a bit cheaper than you might expect, in fact it’s touted as the most affordable HSDPA-enabled phone around though we’re yet to see any confirmed prices.

The G502 will be available in two colours – Champagne Black and Brilliant Hazel – from Q2 2008.

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