Nokia Adds Oyster-Style Payment Facilities To 6212 Classic Phone

Nokia’s popular Classic range has recently been updated again with the addition of the new 6212, which enters the market with rather interesting innovation.

NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, is a short range wireless communication standard that works in a similar way to London’s Oyster card system. Its potential uses include mobile ticket payments, acting as a credit/debit card or even as and electronic key that would allow you access to a car or home. It’s not totally dissimilar to Bluetooth but does differ in that it offers a shorter set-up time, and we could see the first implementations using both technologies to combine Bluetooth’s superior range and speed with NFC’s fast access. The technology is currently being trialled around the world and in the UK we’ve seen companies like Orange, Barclays and 02 testing the system on a small-scale basis. It’s not a feature you’ll be able to use any time soon then, but should it prove successful it could become a invaluable convenience for consumers, and providing they follow the technology we could see more widespread adoption that makes features like this a must for all handhelds.

The key feature of the 6212 probably won’t push the phone onto consumers particularly quickly then, though it’s a capable enough device in its own right, offering many of the same features as the 3120. As a reminder, this includes video calling, an FM radio, 3G UMTS along with GPRS and EDGE for data, a two megapixel camera and microSD expandability.

If you’re keen on being ahead of the crowd, you can expect to see the 6212 appear in Q3 2008 for an expected retail price of around £160.

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