How To Destroy Your Old Mobile Phone

Fill in the blanks: “I hate my mobile phone sometimes because (blank). I wish I could do (blank) to it.”

We’ve all had good reasons to hate our cell phones. Failure to get coverage when we really, really need it. Breaking on us before our contracts are up. Refusing to allow us to access our voice mail messages. On a regular basis, our cell phones cause us annoyances and grievances that can make us want to kick them down staircases or light them on fire. We advocate just going the green route – recycling your old phone and getting a new one – but we also know that there are times when good old fashioned rage at the machine is the favored response.

Here’s a look at fifteen ways that other people opted to act on that rage:

Fireworks will Work.

Strapping some fireworks to your phone and lighting them on fire is an effective way of blowing up even the toughest of mobile phones.

Drill a Hole Through It.

Now there’s a simple, clean and efficient way of destroying a cell phone. It requires equipment but almost no effort. This falls into the “destroying a mobile phone in just ten seconds” category.


You’d actually be surprised how long it takes to completely destroy a little old cell phone with a big smashing sledgehammer. Mobile phones are designed to take a beating.

Explode it with Fire.

If you drop a cell phone in a burning fire, it will take only seconds before it explodes. Of course, if you don’t get the whole thing to explode the first time, you’ll need to pick it up and toss it in the flames again. Watch out for the battery acid!

Food Processor.

In an attempt to win a free phone from a radio station, this woman tossed hers into a food processor and ground it into itty bitty chunks. But she wasn’t lazy about it; she dipped it in caramel and chocolate first. Theoretically you could try to feed this to someone … perhaps the customer service rep from the cell phone company who was oh-so-not-helpful?!

Microwave It.

A food processor isn’t the only kitchen appliance that can be used in the destruction of the cell phone. Just remember that you’re going to be eating out of these machines after the cell phone is buried and gone.

Blend It.

The best method of ruining your phone if you’re in your kitchen is probably to stick in to the blender. It gets ground up into teeny tiny bits. There’s a good chance that you’re not going to be using the blender when you’re done, though.

Run Over It.

Express your road rage and kill your phone in one fell swoop by using your car to run over the phone. Unfortunately, as this video shows, it may take more than one try to actually ruin the phone; those things put up a good fight!

Night out with the Guys.

Light it on fire at the bar and then quickly pour both beer and water on it to put the fire out. Boys will be boys.

Blow it to Smithereens.

We don’t get to see what method was used here but we do get to see a great explosion on the beach. We also get to see the bits and pieces of mobile phone that were left after all of the aggression had been released.

Batting Practice.

Most people who try to smash a cell phone will put it on the ground and bang on it with something. It works in the end but it’s a tiring process because the phone keeps bouncing away from you. Instead, why not toss it in the air and hit it with your bat? As long as you’ve got good aim, it only takes one swing.

Shoot it Up.

If you own both a bad cell phone and a good gun, you can go at it until it’s got more bullet holes than buttons. As a bonus, you’ll also get to see the destruction of an iPod on this video; apparently all gadgets are fair game for guns.

The Try Everything Approach.

This is a quick video that summarizes all of the basic ways that you could destroy a cell phone. Drop it down the stairs, run it under water, throw it in the toilet, drop it from up high, step on it with stilettos and run it over with a car.

For the Birds.

This is a simple video that depicts how a hammer can destroy a cell phone. However, it also comes with an educational piece on how cell phone towers are bad for migrating birds. Don’t just destroy your old mobile phone to satisfy your aggressive urges; do it for a cause!

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