New Nokia Gaming Mobile Phone Patented

Sony may or may not produce, Nokia have patented a device that, should it be
produced, will make Sony think twice before half-heartedly riffing on the PSP’s design if the day comes.

Mobile phones with decent gaming ability have always stumbled with ergonomics – buttons, D-pads, triggers, a big enough
screen whilst retaining portability – but Nokia has had a brainwave and by the looks of the picture, have designed extendable paddles either side of the traditional rectangular screen.

Browsing through the patent reveals that it will possibly also feature a camera, a music player and the ability to connect to and control external sources, your TV for example or, staggeringly, even a robot!  Should we be on the look out for a Nokia branded one of those too?

Anyway, seeing as Nokia’s N-Gage gaming service has been hit with more delays, it’s unlikely we will see this in production for a while, but it does seem as if they are on the right track to produce a serious, usable mobile/gaming hybrid.

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