LG Viewty Outsells Apple iPhone in Europe

UPDATE: The Extremely successful LG Viewty has been superceded by the new, beautiful and sleek LG Viewty Smart, which is set to be as successful as the classic KU990.

LG has announced that they have sold 310,000 LG Viewty handsets since launch 5 weeks ago. I believe that this means the LG Viewty is outselling the iPhone in Europe, even though the Viewty hasn’t been supported with the massive PR and advertising budget of the iPhone. Apple, on the other hand have been very quiet with regards to their sales figures in Europe, I wonder why?

Not that Apple are ordinarily so reticent. On the 30th Oct 2007, a few days after the launch of the new Mac operating system, the Apple PR machine released a statement proudly stating that “Apple Sells Two Million Copies of Mac OS X Leopard in First Weekend.” Since the European launch of the iPhone, however, on the 9th Nov, we haven’t heard a thing from the usually very vocal Apple.

What we do know is that the iPhone launch in the UK was a flop, considering all the hype and advertising £s which were spent. Since its launch on 9th November, official reports from O2 have said that “tens of thousands” of iPhone have been sold in the UK, one of largest European markets, quashing the silly numbers which were banded around like 100,000 sold in the first weekend, yeh right!

It has also emerged that Apple have blocked the iPhone sales figures from been reported by Gfk, the UK research agency. Gfk collect EPOS (Electronic point of sale) data from all the major UK mobile phone retailers, then produces reports which are commercially available. As far as I’m aware this is first time that a mobile phone handset’s sales have been blocked, again, I wonder why?

Overall, there are no official figures available, but if the iPhone has only sold tens of thousands in the UK, it seems unlikely they have sold over 310,000 across Europe.

Why is the Viewty outselling the iPhone? Well…

  1. The Viewty is a better phone – The Viewty has a 5 mega-pixel camera vs. the iPhone’s 2mp, The Viewty is 3g enabled (HSDPA) which is way faster than the iPhone (2.5g), The Viewty has a Xenon flash so it can take pictures at night. I could go on but it will take up too much space, you will be better off reading this: 51 Reason not to buy the iPhone.
  2. The Viewty is available on all the major phone networks – 02, Orange, Vodafone, T-mobile, Virgin Mobile, and 3, unlike the iPhone that is just available on O2.
  3. The Viewty is available on a 12 month contract – unlike the iPhone, which has a minimum contract length of 18 months.
  4. The Viewty is a lot cheaper – The Viewty is FREE on an 12 month O2 contract (200 mins and 200 texts per month), for £30 per month, plus £55 cashback, so the total price over the contract length is £305, whereas the cheapest iPhone contract will cost you £899, (£269 for the handset, plus 18 months x £35 for O2 200 price plan, 200 mins and 200 texts.  Even if you compare the 18 month contracts the iPhone is 122% more expensive than the Viewty. (Viewty FREE on 18 02 month contract (200 mins + 200 text), £25 p/m minus £45 cashback = £405 total over contract length)

LG Viewty to be launched in the USA?

So Apple better look out because if LG launch the Viewty in the US they will have a very serious competitor. Will the Viewty outsell the iPhone in Apple’s own country? Probably, I would have thought there are a lot of Americans who’d want a better phone than the iPhone, for a cheaper price, and one which is available on networks other than just AT&T.

iPhone won’t reach its potential

The iPhone interface and usability are amazing but Apple’s greed has resulted in the iPhone sales falling way short of its potential. The iPhone could have been market leader but when it costs so much, is only available on one network, and is only available in certain shops and websites, it is never going to reach its true potential.

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