Give the GiftVOX of VoIP This Christmas

MOBIVOX is already well-known to making Skype calling easier than ever, but it’s about to release its own service that will counter the problems that numerous reports and surveys are flagging up with existing VoIP services; namely, they’re too complicated.

Now, if you’re reading a phones blog you can probably get your head around VoIP. And kids these days are frighteningly adept at picking these things up. But what about older relatives, or simply technophobic friends who would like the benefit of receiving a free, long-distance catch up with you but don’t understand the technology?

Well, that’s where GiftVOX comes in. You sign the recipient up, preload their account with contacts, and then look up a local access number for them. Then you call them and let them know what it is. After that, all they need to is ring that number and tell MOBIVOX who they want to call.

For the recipient it’s really nothing more than a single, blissfully free phone call, and for you it’s a minimum of fuss to organise. If you have elderly relatives living half-way across the country, they’ll definitely appreciate this. If you’re a bit suspicious about the limitations on ‘free’ you should know that it applies to MOBIVOX and Skype users worldwide, landlines and mobiles across North America, landlines in the UK, parts of Europe and South America, Australia and a few other locations dotted around the globe. Check the website if you want to be especially sure.

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