Tryphone simulator lets you try out your new phone online

One of the disadvantages of shopping online is the inability to get your hands on what you’re buying, to turn it inside out, try it on for size, to push all the buttons. It’s a concern for any retailer of expensive merchandise because customers have got to feel certain they’ve comfortable with the quality of the product.

Mobile phones certainly fall into this category, because for me the most important part of a phone is not how it looks, but how it works.

A new service from American company Tryphone appears to have come up with a workaround of sorts. Their tool lets you play around with the functions of a phone online, so you can decide whether or not you like the interface. It’s not perfect, but its pretty cool, and would certainly help someone with their decision making-process. At the moment they’ve got the LG Muziq below, an iPhone, a Blackberry Pearl and a Samsung Juke, which looks like the Samsung F210, but the LG seemed to work the best for me.

Have a go!

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