Is This A New Nokia 6MP or 8MP Camera Phone?

Could this picture be a glimpse into the future of the Nokia N-series? Considering how ‘finished’ it looks, general opinion seems to be yes, it could be.

Using the mystic powers of the US Patent office’s crystal ball, it’s clear that we will be treated to at least a 6MP camera (the text on the side of the phone is a little unclear – it could be an 8 – but let’s not get over-excited) on a rotational mount and the slider mechanism will conceal the flash. This type of design seems to pay homage to the 70s miniature camera’s, but should be a joy to use.

Anyone who enjoys wading through the tedious, indecipherable legal-ese in which US Patents are written can while away a few hours here, whilst the rest of us can count the days until official details are made public. Details may be scarce, but we feel it’s one to look forward too.

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