The Top Ten Funniest Mobile Phone TV Ads!

I love those TV shows that put together all the funniest tv commericals from around the world. So what if they’re adverts, they’re still funny!

Hence the inspiration for this blog post. Why not put together the funniest ads involving mobile phones into an easily digestable article! Plus it gives me a valid excuse for sitting around all day watching YouTube! Hooray!

After some considerable time spent watching (there are an awful lot of mobile ads on youtube!), evaluating, re-evaluating, discussing and drawing conclusions, I’ve numbered my top ten in decending order.

10.Hi (Dutch mobile network) – Don’t go in the pool!

Dutch version of the classic holiday swimming pool gag. Love the great stream of water he ejects after diving in!

9. Virgin Mobile – Devil makes work for idle thumbs feat. Christina Aguillera

Christina Aguillera caught in the act! What a nuisance video phones are!

8. Keystone Light – Goofy guy in the supermarket

Hold on a sec, some idiot’s talking to me…. the peril of hands-free sets.

7. Postbank – Does anyone know who’s cell phone this is?

Big spending wife, strangely compliant husband. You can see it coming a mile off, but doesn’t make it any less funny

6. Motorola – Your wife called…

Basically the same gag as above, but there’s a fairly erotic dance included as well which nudges it ahead.

5. Roberts Toot tone

Ok this one’s not a real ad, its a spoof, but its so funny I couldn’t leave it out. A very useful invention I must say. I couldn’t find the source for this one though. Would be interested to know if anyone can tell me?

4. 131 – Sometimes its better to use voicemail

Woman taking a shower, pesky kids up to no good, both ingredients for a cracking ad.

3. LG – Husband thinks wife is cheating on him

This is a long ad and builds up a fair amount of suspence in the process, but very funny at the end, and reassuringly rude to boot

2. Panasonic – The World’s Smallest Cell Phone

Another classic gag, expertly executed. They’re talking about his phone, silly!

1. Vodafone Live – Hottie on the plane (France)

This is my number one. Guy sees hot girl asleep on the plane, snaps her sleeping next to him on his phone, sends it to his mate, mate rings back and he’s caught red handed. Must happen all the time.

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