Nokia to Offer Unlimited Music Downloads for a Year

Update: Nokia have subsequently announced that the Comes With Music service is in fact a considerably watered down version of the one we first reported on. All tracks are to be DRM protected which means you won’t be able to transfer them to you iPod or to a cd, and the service is going to cost at least $5 a month.

For those who didn’t know, the annual Nokia World conference is being held in Amsterdam today, an event used by the Finnish company to talk about the future of the mobile industry from their own point of view. Nokia CEO and President Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo made the keynote speech, which according to the press release, mainly covered important (but not all that exciting) environmental issues, but he did manage to catch a lot of attention with his talk of Nokia Comes With Music.

This revolutionary program is expected to be launched mid-2008 and will offer the buyer of a new Nokia phone (Contract Mobile Phones, not PAYG) the chance to download unlimited music from their site for an entire year. What’s more the tracks will not have an expiration date, allowing it to be kept forever! Currently, Nokia have Universal on board and are in talks with other major studios. Nokia’s Multimedia Vice-President said that ‘listening 24-hours a day, 7 days per week would only scratch the surface of the music we plan to make available’.

Also mentioned was Nokia’s new web service called ‘Ovi’, Finnish for ‘door’ apparently, which should play a part in Nokia Comes With Music’s success. Although nothing was stated about Nokia Comes With Music’s subscription cost – for surely there must be one – this is a truly exciting prospect and well beyond anything that anyone else is currently offering.

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