PS3 Phone Out Now…Maybe!

Rejoice! One of the most hotly anticipated products is finally on the market and it’s…not what we expected at all! Yes, although it’s called a PS3 and looks suspiciously like a PSP, complete with triangle, circle, square and cross buttons, the Amycall phone has nothing to do with Sony’s Playstation 3, or the recently denied PSPhone.


Breaking possibly every copyright law with huge abandon, the ‘Amycall‘ (expect a call from Samsung) ‘PS3′ (followed by Sony) runs Windows Mobile software (hello, Microsoft) and seems to have an emulation program allowing users to play Nintendo games (can’t leave anyone out)!

Aside from this, it also has a 1.3MP, or a 2MP camera, depending on which picture you believe, and an astonishingly useless feature which manipulates the background noise of your call to make it sound as if you are somewhere you presumably aren’t, like a Karaoke bar. Perfect for those on the run from the hundreds of lawsuits this model will generate.


So, to find this gem in your Christmas stocking either visit this link, take a short trip to China or, if you can find it, Korea, in order to net you one of the year’s most ‘unique’ phones.

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