Month: April 2007

Samsung i400 – A stylish smartphone!

Samsung have just announced their latest smartphone, the i400, and you have to admit it’s a lot prettier than a blackberry! The stylish slider is based on the Symbian S60 platform which allows users to add their own applications to the phone as you might to a pc, and it can support up to 4GB of memory when using a memory card. It has full web browsing and bluetooth connectivity, a 2 megapixel camera and an impressive

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Free mobile calls have arrived!

Last week mobile operator Blyk announced a partnership with Orange whereby they will use the Orange network for their imminent free calls and texts mobile service. Blyk is a new European mobile operator, aimed primarily at young people, that does not charge for calls or texts but instead makes its money through advertising. It is scheduled for launch in the UK in mid-2007, but there are few more details than that available at present on its official website. When subscribers sign up,

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