Month: February 2007

Samsung U600 – World’s slimmest slider mobile phone – Buy Now!

Update: Samsung have just launched an improved version of the U600, the Samsung G600 with a 5 mega pixel camera. One of the most exciting launches at the 3GSM World Congress was that of the Samsung U600, surely one of the big phones of 2007; a return to form for samsung mobile phones. It’s one of four mobile phones released as part of Samsung’s new Ultra Edition II range, which will be Samsung’s flagship range in

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Samsung F700 beats the iPhone!

Samsung have become the latest mobile phone manufacturer to take on the iPhone, with the launch of the Ultra Smart F700. This is the problem that Apple faces in the mobile industry. There are established companies out there that can do it better than them. You only have to look at the vital statistics to see that this is a better phone, end of story. It is almost identical in size to the iPhone but

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10 companies that could bring out mobile phones!

Every man and his dog is bringing out a phone these days, usually companies with absolutely nothing to do with the mobile industry like Prada, Tag Heuer, Levis, and Aston Martin. So who’s going to be the next to slap their brand on a mobile phone? Swatch Phone– This is actually the inspiration for this post – Swatch has revealed a pretty insane looking concept device, that seems to have every other electronic gadget on the market, it’s a surprise a phone hasn’t been thrown in there

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10 brand new phones you’ll want to know about!

It’s the biggest week of the year if you happen to be nuts about mobile phones! The 3GSM Conference is taking place in Barcelona, and its the first place to get a glimse of what’s going to be big in 2007. Here’s a round up from the opening day… 1. Samsung F700: Samsung’s answer to the iPhone featuring a slide out keyboard, 5 megapixel camera and a touchscreen with Samsung new Vibe-Tonz technology. 2. Nokia

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Is the LG Shine the new Nokia 8800?

The Nokia 8800 continues to amaze me. It remains a popular handset, two years after its launch, despite being appallingly over-priced and under-spec’d. It sits on top of the Nokia range, but what does it have? 0.5 megapixel camera when the top phones now come with 5! It’s not 3G, the talktime is a disappointing 1.5-3 hours, you can’t add additional memory to it and the screen is small and dated. It’s a fashion phone basically, the

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Dogs trained to steal mobile phones!

Word on the streets in China is there’s a new criminal in town. He’s short, highly dangerous, extremely nifty, and very innocent looking.  Please be warned … he’s reportedly a “hardened criminal”.  He’s mans best friend … yep he’s a DOG! In the Chinese city of Guangzhou, the local police have issued a warning against dogs with a thing for mobile phones. Strange you might think, yes … but recently it’s becoming somewhat the latest

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