Month: December 2006

iPhone, iChat, iPod-mobile, iDon’t Know!!

We all know Apple’s new phone is coming, probably early in 2007, and plenty of people have already mocked up their own versions of it online. But most of these were designed before the most recent information was released by Kevin Rose, founder of, and someone who should really know! The latest information we have is that: It won’t be called the iPhone. Despite being unofficially dubbed iPhone for ages, Apple never owned the

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World’s first photos of LG Prada Phone! – Now in Stock! Buy Online.

The basic handset is the LG KE850, which we know is coming out soon, but it won’t be branded LG. It will have a Prada design and packaging and will have a unique Prada user interface. Rumours have been circulating recently that the KE850 is actually a working version of Apple’s imminent iPhone, but we can categorically say that this is not the case! We know that the iPhone is going to come in 4GB

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Recommended Mobile Phone Blogs and Forums

The internet is mixed bag when it comes to mobile phone content (3 mobile). Good impartial advice tends to be swallowed up in the mountain of cowboy phone stores, price comparison sites and ringtone popups. But located deep in the rubble are some really quite useful sites to enlighten your mobile journey. I recommend… – A bible of mobile phone resources. Painstaking reviews of the latest phones, several pages long, with more pictures than you could possibly want to look at. All the

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Mobile Phones don’t give you cancer!

A major study has dismissed the link between mobile phones and cancer. There has never been conclusive evidence to suggest a link, but since phones do emit small amounts of radiation, and are held extremely close to the face, caution has always been urged over possible long-term dangers of mobile phone use. Despite the huge amount of research completed over the years, the studies that warn of a health risk are actually rare, and have

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