Month: November 2006

SMS World Record…Can You Beat 42 Seconds?

Ah, the Guinness Book of World Records…what a book it is. It seems that nowadays no matter what you do – as long as its something ludicrous – you’ll get into the book and become the world record holder of something or another. Some grow the longest fingernails… others attempt the ghastly like how many cockroaches they can eat within a minute, and some perform the plain stupid such as who can walk the furthest

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Do mobile phones make you impotent?

Surely not! Let’s take a look. A study of 364 men in America has emphatically revealed that use of the mobile phone for more than four hours a day has a damaging effect on men’s fertility. As a bloke, I should think I’m as well equipped as any to offer my reaction, and here it is… Four hours a day!! What self-respecting male talks on their mobile phone for fours hours a day? I don’t

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Is that a mobile phone in your pocket…?

On my journey into work this morning, I came across a slightly humorous article about men and mobile phones…a study showed men who have flash phones believe they are more ‘appealing’ to the female counterpart than the average man. Now did we really need a study to tell us that? Apparently, men believe that having a gadget-laden handset helps make them more attractive to the opposite sex! In fact, not only this, but they also

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