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Dialaphone Heroes: Xbox

Dialaphone Heroes sees us take a look at some of the defining pieces of tech that have shaped the world we live in…

Xbox Live App Hits iOS

Microsoft’s launch of a brand new dashboard for the Xbox along with a dedicated app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad this week means that iOS users can now enjoy the same benefits as their Windows Phone counterparts…

Windows Phone 7: A Look at What’s Inside

Following the launch of Windows Phone 7 yesterday, there has been more emphasis on the new handsets than on the operating system itself, perhaps because we were introduced to the software many months ago, but have been speculating on the hardware ever since.  However, just because we saw Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress, doesn’t mean it was finished then, as Microsoft have been hard at work making it into a release-ready version; and that’s what we were shown on Monday. Microsoft’s Corporate VP of the Windows Phone program, Joe Belfiore, gave another in-depth run through of what Windows […]