Windows Phone 7

Will the Toshiba TG03 Carry Windows Phone 7?

Digging up a phone we have heard little about since it appeared on a leaked roadmap, is the rumour that Toshiba will be launching a WinPho7 phone before the end of the year.  The phone in question is the TG03, which according to the 2009 leak is a similar beast to the TG01, in that it will be Snapdragon powered and housed inside a 9.9mm thick casing. Along with several others, Toshiba were on the list of early partners at the Microsoft press conference, so we know they are behind the new operating system, plus they unveiled the TG02 at […]

LG’s Windows Phone 7 Prototype Sneaks Out!

It was just the other day when LG happened to mention they would be among the first manufacturers to bring out a mobile phone using Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series operating system.  When they did, we guessed we would start seeing blurry pictures during the summer, but look at how wrong we were! During the most recent Engadget Show, none other than Aaron Woodman, Director of Mobile Communications at Microsoft, pulled out a previously unseen LG mobile phone running the software.  The pre-production model had a side sliding QWERTY keyboard, seeing it fall into the Chassis 2 or Chassis 3 […]

Microsoft Introduce Windows Phone 7 Series at Mobile World Congress.

We had a good idea that it was coming, but no one was absolutely sure until 3 o’clock this afternoon in Barcelona, where none other than Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer introduced the next generation of Windows Phone operating systems – Windows Phone 7 Series. The next version of Microsoft’s phone OS is like nothing you’ve seen before. Gone are the tiny buttons, stupid scroll bars and general Windows 95 look and in comes an attractive and from the looks of it, highly usable tiled system for Windows Phone 7 Series. The goal is for hardware and software to work in […]