Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Coming in October

Although the leaked image of the HTC Mozart suggested the same thing, it’s always better to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth and that’s exactly what has happened here. During a demonstration at the Cannes Lions 2010 International Advertising Festival, Microsoft’s Marketing VP Mich Mathews says, as she introduces a Windows Phone 7 demo by Microsoft’s Live Labs general manager, that the new OS will ‘launch this October’. The moment itself, followed by lots of advertising talk related to Windows Phone 7, was captured on video. For those who may not want to sit through eight minutes of ad […]

LG Panther Gets Caught on Camera Again

The LG Panther is really the only Windows Phone 7 handset we’ve had a good look at since the OS was debuted at Mobile World Congress in February, and here it is again. This picture improves slightly on what we were treated to on video at the beginning of March, and gives a better impression of the size and construction of the phone.  We already know the phone will have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, but here we can see the Windows key clearly in the centre, with the back and search keys alongside. The leak apparently comes from a Microsoft […]

What Do HTC and Nokia have in Common with Windows 7?

They’re both building new devices that will be running Microsoft’s next mobile operating system, that’s what! Now, while the news that HTC are building a Windows Phone 7 device should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, the idea of Nokia doing so should raise some eyebrows! Nokia smartphones primarily run Symbian, and although there have been various rumours over the years concerning a collaboration, Microsoft have yet to debut on a Nokia phone. The latest link comes from a reputable source – the Times Online no less – where it’s reported that microchip designer Wolfson Microelectronics “had been selected […]

Wow! The Dell Lightning Struck with Windows Phone 7!

A desirable Dell smartphone? When did that happen? A flurry of Dell product leaks has hit Engadget and the most exciting is undoubtedly the Lightning, a touchscreen slider running Windows Phone 7. Although it’s not a curvy little thing like the Palm Pre, the sleek Lightning does share the same form factor, as the slide reveals a full QWERTY keyboard. The specification meets the Windows Phone 7 standard, so you can expect: The Snapdragon 1GHz processor. A 4.1″ WVGA OLED touchscreen. 8GB of internal memory. 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus. GPS. The renders make the Lightning look superb, with nicely rounded […]

Windows Phone 7. That’s All.

Microsoft unveiled the next Windows Mobile OS at Mobile World Congress, where it was officially named Windows Phone 7 Series.  We knew all about the transition from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone, something which had begun when 6.5 was introduced, but why did they slap ‘Series’ on the end? It didn’t make a lot of sense, and left us wanting to say ‘Series’ before ‘Seven’, as that just sounded grammatically correct.  In the end, us and everybody else shortened it to the inevitable WinPho7 and other variations, or just left ‘Series’ off all together. Well, Microsoft have heard to complaints […]

First Windows Mobile 7 TV Ad Appears

Our excitement concerning Microsoft’s next generation operating system may have been dampened slightly following MIX10, but the release of the first TV advert promoting the OS has helped revive our interest. Anna, Miles and Luca are the family Microsoft are targeting with their sharing, caring and connected Windows Phone 7 system, and the ad shows the exceptionally smiley gang all enjoying its social networking, photographic and gaming potential.  Take a look for yourselves: OK, so it’s not going to be winning an originality awards, but it certainly does emphasise the ease of use Windows Phone 7 promises.  It’s also quite […]

Windows Phone 7: iPhone in Disguise!

We knew Microsoft’s MIX10 conference would bring some new details our way regarding the exciting new Windows Phone 7 Series operating system, we just didn’t expect it to make us sigh when it reminded us of a certain other device.  And not in a good way.  Lets see if you can spot any similarities with the phone it’s trying to knock off the top spot: No copy/paste. No multi-tasking. No expandable memory. Linked only to Windows Phone Marketplace for apps. Flash support still unconfirmed. Yes, Windows Phone 7 has taken many of the things no-one liked about the first-gen iPhone […]