Windows Phone 7

Samsung Cetus Leaked as Windows Phone 7 Device

Following the earlier news that Windows Phone 7 could be launching in Europe in October and the USA in November, we’ve been treated to a leak of a new Samsung phone running the Microsoft operating system. Named the Cetus, it appeared on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group website, albeit briefly. However, the moments that it did hang around was enough for the specification to be noted, so here is the proposed feature list for one of the first Samsing phones to use Windows Phone 7: A 4″, 800×480 pixel resolution AMOLED touchscreen. A 5 megapixel camera and front mounted VGA lens. […]

Europe to See Windows Phone 7 First?

It has been a long wait to hear exactly when Microsoft will bring Windows Phone 7 to market and although we still don’t have an exact date, this is closer than we’ve been yet to that elusive day and date. Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner, who took to the stage at the Worldwide Partner Conference a short while ago, addressed Microsoft’s future in the smartphone arena, saying: October likely across Europe and November likely across US, we’re back in this game! Who would have expected Europe to be the first to see Windows Phone 7 in the shops?  Very […]

HTC to Microsoft: Have Some Sense!

Cast your mind back to February and Mobile World Congress, the huge trade show where mobile phone companies descended on Barcelona to talk cellular tech, and specifically Microsoft’s announcement of Windows Phone 7. Much was made of the new Live Tile user interface and how user friendly it was, to the point that manufacturers wouldn’t be able to add their own UI’s over the top. This was and still is a common practice, with HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola all creating their own systems to both simplify and personalise their products. Whatever would they do without that opportunity? In HTC’s case, it […]

No Windows Phone 7 Love From HP

Hewlett Packard have a strong relationship with Microsoft, thanks to many, many computer sales and a fair few Windows Mobile devices too. Now, very few of those smartphones/PDA’s could be referred to as desirable or attractive – at least not today – but they were certainly prolific when the Windows OS was at its height of popularity. According to Todd Bradley, HP’s Executive VP, those days are over, as the company will not be supporting the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Of course, this is the only area where HP – the world’s number one PC manufacturer – won’t be cooperating with […]

A Collection of HTC Codenames Leaked. Windows Phone 7 Devices?

As a parting gift to HTC phone fans around the world, following the closing of business at Shipped.ROM, now ex-WinMo modder Conflipper has thrown a collection of HTC phone codenames out into the wild, giving rise to the rumour that several could be future Windows Phone 7 devices. As with previous HTC codenames, these have a running theme – that of music and dance – fitting in rather nicely with the other mystery HTC phones which are believed to run Windows Phone 7; the HTC Mozart and HTC Schubert. Additionally, we can expect the HTC Salsa, the Swing, Maestro and the […]

Yay! Free Windows Phone 7 Phones for All!*

*Must be Microsoft employee to qualify. Here’s a good way to introduce your new and really quite important mobile phone operating system to the world – give a phone running it to each of your employees for free! This is the approach that’s being taken by Microsoft ahead of their Windows Phone 7 launch near the end of 2010, and it’s a strategy that could pay off. Announced yesterday at the Microsoft Global Exchange Conference, Neowin heard the news and gathered several tweets made by some excited Microsoft bods attending the event, confirming that this would be the case. Gizmodo […]

Want to Know Why the Microsoft Kin Was Cancelled?

Microsoft cancelled the Kin’s European launch at the beginning of the month, and decided to integrate the Kin team into Windows Phone 7. It was met with average reviews in the US, but was criticised for the high monthly tariff prices enforced on Kin owners, a factor which was speculated to have led to its downfall. Microsoft gave no reason why they canned Kin after only a few months on sale, but the following could have something to do with it: Daring Fireball have heard from an informed source that a mere 503 Kin phones were sold during that time. That’s 500 […]