First Firefox OS Phones Announced

The first two phones running Firefox OS have been announced. Named the Keon and Peak, they’re primarily aimed at developers who’re building apps for the new OS.

4G Mobile Auction Plans Revealed

Plans for a 4G auction for mobile phone services have been unveiled by telecoms regulator Ofcom, with further operators being sought in order to increase competition…

Watch Out, the Networks are Talking About a New OS

The CEO of France Telecom-Orange, Stephane Richard, has invited his counterparts from Deutsche Telecom, Telefonica and Vodafone to a meeting on the 8th October in Paris, where they are to discuss the potential creation of a new phone operating system. The driving force behind this is the shift of power from the networks to the third party manufacturers, especially Google and Apple, who sell not only the phone/software, but the whole app ecosystem too. These are preliminary talks and it’s not clear what approach they will favour; the creation of a new OS or something application based. They will certainly be […]