Mobile Phone Encryption Cracked

A rogue German academic has decoded the Global System for Mobile Communications, used for seventy percent of all modern mobile phones, and there’s no James Bond to stop him.  Because Karsten Nohl’s not holding the world hostage – he’s released the decryption for free online to force phone operators to improve security. This “fix security flaws by finding them yourself” strategy is how many computer security firms progress, a combination of paid experts and interested amateurs continually poking holes so that they can mend them before less well-intentioned workers find them.  Unfortunately phone operators haven’t reached the same level of maturity, persisting […]

Ofcom Want You To Change Networks (If You Like)

The Office of Communications, aka Ofcom, are engaging with operators again - and hoping it turns out better this time. The regulatory body is once more working to allow owners to keep their old numbers when they change networks, where previous efforts were foiled by companies insisting that “giving people a number,” otherwise known as “a phone company’s entire job,” becomes incredibly expensive when other networks are involved. Ofcom’s idea is that users should be online with their old number within two hours; instead of the current wait of two days, with some extra work, if you successfully extract a secret code […]

O2 iPhones Offline

Over a million iPhoners were without internet access over the weekend, as O2′s overloaded data network gave up the ghost (again) and decided that just being able to phone other people was more than enough for anyone.  The network failure converted cartloads of shiny smartphones into dumbphones that happened to be white and thin, and lo, the Twitterings and complaining was plentiful. O2 are on the issue, as you’d expect, announcing “We are aware of an issue currently impacting data access for some of our customers. We have identified a fault with the allocation of IP addresses and are working to resolve […]

Digital Destruction

We’ve collected three stories of electronic destruction that make the Transformers look like lame kittens having a purr fight.  With gunfire, space shuttles and rare Sumatran tigers we’ve got most of a Bond film here – in fact, if you read this in a hilariously Scottish accent you’d never know the difference.  Enjoy. 1.  iMpact A combination of training, inclination and several thousand years of extremely unfunny history have left Israeli security guards with zero sense of humour.  They’re also almost infinity percent more likely to use guns to solve traditionally non-firearm-resolved issues, so when student Lilly Sussman was less […]

4G About To Go Online

iPhone owners should brace themselves for a shock, as Scandinavian systems are already upgrading to 4G - and you can be sure Apple won’t be far behind.  The only alternative would be for their handsets to not be the latest and greatest in everything, absolute anathema to their early-adopting überfans.   The two new networks have been installed in Oslo and Sweden, and are set to top ten times the speed of existing 3G connections. The system is so far into the future that phones haven’t caught up: no mobile exists that’s able to access the system with the networks set for […]

GPS For Everyone Thanks to the New Nokia 2710 Navigation

At a launch event in Cairo, Nokia have added several new low-end mobile phones to their range and while the majority are basic devices, one does standout due to it having a feature that until recently was reserved for range-topping phones only.  The Nokia 2710 Navigation is the phone is question and as its name suggests, you’ll find GPS onboard. Nothing spectacular about that we admit, but the contract-free price of just 110 Euros makes the 2710 a real bargain!  The Assisted GPS is joined by a digital compass and pre-loaded Nokia Maps software, so being online is not essential […]

The Sony Ericsson Software Salvation

After an appalling few weeks for Sony Ericsson, the company are fighting back with brand spanking new software updates and one hell of a media campaign. The past few months saw Sony Ericsson heading for success, they changed their image with the ‘make.believe’ slogan and promised to release some market-busting handsets just in time for the Christmas rush. Sony’s flagship handset, the Satio sent the company hurtling into the limelight, but for all the wrong reasons. Despite promising first impressions, once the Sony Ericsson Satio was released, it was soon clear that the finished product did not live up to […]