3 High-Tech Systems For The Ladies

Sex is responsible for everything you see including all those technology gubbins you use as well. Here are 3 of our finest sex tech finds for the ladies.

The Top 3 Craziest Clocks

The three craziest clocks since the mad hatter checked the time, and they’re all things you can buy right now. Though in one case that would mean spending six figures on something you have to hand-crank.

Making Androids Is Like ‘Wetting Yourself’ – Nokia Chief

Please bear with us, we haven’t made this up! Anssi Vanjoki, the outgoing Nokia boss is hitting the headlines after coming up with a rather strange analogy in an interview with the Financial Times. He says that producing Android phones is like wetting yourself to get warmer.  We understand it gets very cold in Finland, so perhaps this is just another ingenious method to keep warm. Still confused, and maybe a little disturbed? Imagine that you are very cold and so have ‘relieved’ yourself in an attempt to warm up a bit – it would actually work for a while, […]

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Powered By The Hand Gesture

While some of us are still getting our heads around touchscreen phones, the next generation of mobile phones are already on their way! Hand-gesture controlled mobiles are now a reality. Moove, a music app available to Nokia 5800 XpressMusic users, claims to be the first “mobile phone music player controlled by hand gesture” and its developers say there has been an enthusiastic response to it. This is just the start for gesture-controlled phones, as Moove’s developers are in talks to develop their apps for smartphones and making the move from music into web and image gallery browsing. And, they aren’t […]

What is the Future for Mobile Phone Apps?

A few years ago, hardly anyone knew what mobile phone apps were. In fact the abbreviation “app” was never used.  Now apps sell in their millions, but what is the future of this rapidly growing market? The Guardian spoke to some experts in the industry who all have different ideas about where mobile phone apps are heading next. Application developer, Malcolm Barclay thinks that mobiles are the future with personalisation being a key factor. He thinks that the best way forward is for applications to provide users with real time information and for more wide-ranging government services to be made […]

21st Century Problem for Bosses: Mobiles Go ‘Missing’ Now, Not Just Paperclips

Back in the last century, businesses would often report on how much money they were losing each year on stationery costs. Unscrupulous members of staff, they would complain, treated the company stationery cupboard as if it was their own. In the 21st Century, the “perks” are significantly pricier, as the BBC has learnt to their cost. Following a Freedom of Information request, the BBC opened up and admitted that the corporation had “lost” £241,019 worth of laptops and mobile phones over the last two years. Admittedly the BBC is a very large corporation with a lot of employees, so this […]

Top 10 UK Mobile Internet Sites

Which websites do you access on your mobile phone? Chances are that it’s Facebook, a dating site or one of the sites associated with your carrier. At least that’s what new research reveals about most UK mobile web users. A full 25% of the UK population accessed the mobile web at the end of 2009 and here are the top ten sites that they were spending time on in December: 1. Facebook. Over two billion minutes were spent online by UK users who were hanging out on Facebook. 2. Google. Not nearly as many minutes were spent on Google as on Facebook […]