Nokia Do OS U-Turn With Meltemi

According to the latest noises coming from within the industry, Nokia are toying with the idea of building a proprietary OS for entry-level smartphones…

A Collection of HTC Codenames Leaked. Windows Phone 7 Devices?

As a parting gift to HTC phone fans around the world, following the closing of business at Shipped.ROM, now ex-WinMo modder Conflipper has thrown a collection of HTC phone codenames out into the wild, giving rise to the rumour that several could be future Windows Phone 7 devices. As with previous HTC codenames, these have a running theme – that of music and dance – fitting in rather nicely with the other mystery HTC phones which are believed to run Windows Phone 7; the HTC Mozart and HTC Schubert.¬†Additionally, we can expect the HTC Salsa, the Swing, Maestro and the […]