Another Idiotic “Driving Safety” App

The dangers of driving while texting are a testament to just how wonderful the modern world is. Centuries ago hard-working, intelligent people lived lives of hardship and could drop dead of the plague through no fault of their own. Now we have a civilization so luxurious that even idiots who can’t pay attention to the road are generally kept alive, despite their own best efforts, and the country is so free of things that will suddenly leap out and kill you that the media has to invent their own.

Sprint and HTC Introduce the EVO 3D in USA

At CTIA 2011 yesterday, US network Sprint announced the HTC EVO 3D, an exclusive Android Gingerbread smartphone with a 3D screen and camera. It won’t be coming to the UK like this, but then we’ve got the LG Optimus 3D on the way!