Sony Ericsson Arc

HTC to be PlayStation Certified?

HTC could be gaining PlayStation Certification from Sony in the near future, giving it access to the exclusive games available in the store…

Sony Ericsson Arc: We Are Sailing

Setting sail for success is the Sony Ericsson Arc, the flagship smartphone in Sony Ericsson’s 2011 Xperia range. With a new design and a fantastic range of top notch technology we hopped on board to give it a serious grilling.

Stay Tuned: Sony Ericsson Arc Review Coming Soon

Want to know if the Sony Ericsson Arc is as good as the manufacturer has set it up to be? We’ve got the latest Xperia device at Dialaphone headquarters right now and will be delivering our verdict soon.

Sony Ericsson Arc to Feature Multi-Touch Technology

The Sony Ericsson Arc may come with a new form of multi-touch technology which can support up to 32 points of contact at once. It could open up new possibilities for games and apps if SE confirm suspicions.