LG Officially Announce the GD880, Known as the Mini

Adding ‘Mini’ to your latest mobile phone seems to be the thing to do these days and LG are continuing the trend with the GD880 Mini, which according to them, is the smallest phone available with a 3.2″ screen.  One of our current favourites, the LG Pop, is said to be the smallest phone with a 3″ screen, so this should perhaps be seen as the first step up from the Pop. Here are the top features: The 3.2″ touchscreen. A 5 megapixel camera with video and face recognition software. Wi-Fi and GPS. 3G with HSDPA. As with the majority […]

Where Does The HTC Incredible Fit Into Their Range?

HTC’s forthcoming range is looking very complicated, with a wide variety of leaked mobile phones still unofficial, and many sharing similar specifications under different names.  Here’s another to add to the list, the HTC Incredible, which bears a passing resemblance to the HTC Bravo/Passion’s potential features. PocketNow, who first published the pictures of the Incredible, say that the phone will run on Android 2.1 with the HTC Sense UI and be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor along with 256MB of RAM, plus it will have either a 3.5″ or 3.7″ AMOLED touchscreen and an optical trackpad. So, essentially the same […]

See How The Google Nexus One Came About

We love learning more about the design and construction of our favourite mobile phones, and even though the Nexus One has yet to officially reach these shores via a UK network, it still holds a special place in our hearts.  So it was with great interest that we headed over to Google’s YouTube page, where a series of short films caught our eye. The short films in question will make up The Story, a documentary on how the Google Nexus One came about and the tech found inside.  There are currently four videos available, starting with the concept and design […]

Sony Ericsson Officially Announce the Aspen

The Aspen is the latest GreenHeart mobile phone from Sony Ericsson, and another to be blessed with a tree-related name.  GreenHeart, as you may know, is the manufacturer’s range of mobile phones with ‘green’ aspirations, coming as they do in minimal packaging with CD-based manuals and complete with eco-friendly, low-consumption chargers. Up until now, the GreenHeart phones have been regular candybars or sliders – the Elm, Hazel and Naite for example – but the Aspen has both a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard, plus plenty of other great features: 2.4″ 240×320 screen. A 3.2 megapixel camera. Assisted GPS. Wi-Fi and […]

Vodafone Confirm iPhone Release and Tariffs

Today, Vodafone have clearly laid out their plans for selling the iPhone in the UK for all to examine.  Vodafone are the latest UK network to leap aboard the iPhone sales train, joining Orange, Tesco Mobile and O2, whose exclusivity to sell the phone ended earlier this year. The Vodafone iPhone will be released on the 14th January and there are a variety of new tariffs to go with it.  The cheapest option will cost £30 per month, with 300 minutes and unlimited SMS, plus 1GB of data.  If you want a 3GS with this plan – and you do […]

Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart Plants An Elm and a Hazel

We saw the first GreenHeart mobile phones back in June, when the C901 and Naite were announced, and now Sony Ericsson has added two more environmentally-friendly phones to the range, naming them Elm and Hazel.  In case you’re not aware of Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart initiative, it aims to bring customers phones which have been made with a high percentage of recycled plastics and using no hazardous chemicals, stored inside basic packaging and with an e-manual over a printed version. Both phones share several key features and will also include the GreenHeart low-power mains charger: Both have 5 megapixel cameras with […]

New Comes With Music Nokia 5235 Announced

It’s a shame this latest Nokia announcement deals with a phone that won’t go on sale until the beginning of next year, as it would have been a really excellent Christmas present.  The phone in question is the 5235, a touchscreen phone in the style of the 5800 XpressMusic. Instead of wearing the XpressMusic tag, the 5235 is a Comes With Music phone, giving the owner the chance to download as many songs as they like from the Ovi Store, free of charge, for an entire year!  The price is likely to be around £130 SIM free and will be […]