BlackBerry Style 9670 Flip Phone Made Official

Yesterday RIM, along with US carrier Sprint, threw a party like it was 1999 when they made the new BlackBerry 9670 Style official! Just when you thought that sleek touchscreen devices were all the rage, RIM is giving us the chance to relive the early days of mobile telephony with a flip phone. Well, if you live in the USA. The BlackBerry Style has been doing the rounds for a while, including some very detailed images and an almost complete specification sheet being leaked, so let’s see how these compare to the real thing: Flip phone form factor with a QWERTY keyboard […]

Surprise! HTC Gratia Announced

It’s something of a rarity for a phone to be officially announced today without being spotted in blurry pictures several times before then, but that’s the case for the HTC Gratia. This latest smartphone from the prolific manufacturer seems to be a rest-of-the-world version of the HTC Aria, as seen in the USA. The Gratia is a mid-range Android phone with the following key features: A 3.2″ touchscreen. Google Android 2.2. A 600MHz processor. 5 megapixel camera with autofocus. GPS and a digital compass. Additionally, the Gratia has 3G and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1, a microSD card slot and a 3.5mm headphone […]

Nokia Announce New C5-03 Touchscreen Phone

Nokia have announced a new phone today, the C5-03, which they say is an inexpensive way to move into the modern smartphone market. Shunning the alphanumeric keypad and Nokia Classic-style looks of the first C5, the C5-03 has a touchscreen and a sleek design reminiscent of the Nokia N8. The feature list looks like this: A 3.2″ touchscreen. 3G. Wi-Fi. A microSD card slot for cards up to 16GB. 5 megapixel camera. GPS. Now, wouldn’t it be fantastic if this used Symbian^3?  Yes it would, so it’s a shame it uses Symbian^1 – or S60 5th Edition to you and me […]

Confirmed Applications for WP7 Launch Include Tetris, Twitter and Plenty More!

Everyone knows that applications are a huge deal these days. In fact, they’re essential if you’re going to call your phone a smartphone, and Microsoft have confirmed that Windows Phone 7 will have a good selection available at launch. Here are some of those that have been spotted already: Entertainment: In the USA, Windows Phone 7 will be blessed with two applications that we, in Europe won’t be getting: Netflix and AT&T’s U-Verse Mobile. You’ll probably be aware of Netflix already, and this app will repeat the functionality found on the iPhone, where subscribers can stream Netflix content onto their mobile. U-Verse […]

LG’s Budget Optimus T and Optimus S Announced for USA

Like Samsung’s Galaxy range, new examples of LG’s Optimus phones keep popping up around the world! The latest pair are the Optimus T and Optimus S, this time destined for T-Mobile and Sprint in the USA respectively, although we wouldn’t be surprised if either one appears elsewhere at a later date too. The Optimus T’s spec sheet reads as follows: Google Android 2.2. A 3.2 capacitive touchscreen. 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus. A 600MHz processor. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot. Assisted GPS. The Optimus S shares the same feature list, and the pair are likely to be low-cost […]

Motorola CITRUS Joins Droid Pro in USA

Although the Droid Pro is the more interesting of the two thanks to its combination of Android and a fixed QWERTY keyboard, Motorola and US network Verizon announced another Android phone at the CTIA show yesterday, the Motorola CITRUS. No, our caps lock key isn’t stuck, as according to Motorola’s press release, the CITRUS’s name should be capitalised and therefore, shouted every time it’s mentioned. While said press release shares the name of the phone, it’s not quite so forthcoming with the specifications. Instead, we had to head over to Motorola’s site to find the juicy details, which are as follows: […]

MeeGo No Go Until 2011

MeeGo is the Nokia/Intel joint venture announced at Mobile World Congress last year, and is the pair’s open source operating system that was born from Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin platforms. Despite being around for a while and based on operating systems that already exist, we’ve only seen a preview of the OS so far, and that’s the way it’s going to remain until next year. A Nokia executive speaking to Forbes has said that although MeeGo is still meeting targets, we won’t be seeing it on devices until 2011. Intel’s Doug Fisher confirmed this by saying that smartphones running MeeGo […]