BlackBerry Torch 9800 – RIM’s Guiding Light?

Prior to its launch, the BlackBerry Torch was surely one of the most photographed and intensely studied mobile phones seen for a while. We went from blurry to beautiful in term of pictures and saw much speculation on its name, with the Onyx, Talladaga, Bold 9700a and of course, the Slider all connected with the device at one time or another. All questions were answered at an event on the 3rd August, when RIM made the 9800 Torch official. Initially it was thought that the new flagship BlackBerry device may have been a US-only phone, but it turns out it’s coming to […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro – A Mini Marvel!

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, fine phone though it is, didn’t exactly carve itself a niche in the market, as its 4″ screen, Android OS and Snapdragon processor could already be found on several other devices. However, when its siblings appeared a short while later, they were right there at the start of a revitalised phone genre. The Xperia X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro are those devices and they fit into the tiny phone category that Sony Ericsson have always done so well. We’ve looked at the X10 Mini before, so now it’s time to take a tour of the X10 […]

Samsung Galaxy Apollo – Houston, We Don’t Have a Problem

The Galaxy Apollo had a bit of a strange start to life as it made its first appearance next to the Samsung Wave and Galaxy S on Samsung’s smartphone website, accompanied by the words ‘coming soon’ and nothing else – no announcement, nothing. Two days later, Samsung make the Apollo official by way of a simple press release, naming the Apollo as the I5801. While it may not be quite as jaw-droppingly powerful as the Galaxy S or the bada-powered Wave, the Apollo is a good example of the type of mobile phone Samsung excel at – the mid-range, attractive and […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini – Small, But Perfectly Formed

Before Ericsson joined forces with Sony, they were the company to go to if you wanted a compact mobile phone. The T28 is probably the best known of them all, an 80 gram mobile with a flip over the keypad, a two-line LCD display and a spec that wouldn’t do well today, but was great in 1999. The Xperia X10 could be seen as the antithesis of the T28, with its 4″ screen, lengthy feature list and 135 gram weight. However its sibling, the Xperia X10 Mini, just could be its modern day equivalent. Style. The X10 Mini measures an truly miniature 83 […]

The Samsung Galaxy S – Samsung’s Super Android Phone!

Over the past year or so, Samsung have really shown what they can do when it comes to engineering a touchscreen mobile phone. From the best-selling Tocco-Lite to the Omnia II, the Wave and even Vodafone’s 360 M1, they have consistently shown that no matter the OS or price-point, the phone always exceeds expectations. Now, they’ve unveiled their latest creation, the Samsung Galaxy S which is set to continue their success. However, like their fellow Korean manufacturer LG, they have yet to fully embrace Google’s Android operating system and despite the admirable earlier Galaxy handsets, we’ve not seen a really […]