INQ’s Facebook Phone, the Cloud Touch, Made Official

INQ officially announce the Cloud Touch, a touchscreen phone with Facebook deeply integrated into its Android-based operating system. If you organise your life through the social network, then this is the device you’ve been waiting for!

Is This Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone?

Fans of the ‘blurrycam’ will love this one! A video shot somewhere in Greece is said to show the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone, but it’s so camera-shy it doesn’t reveal its party-piece controls! Check out the footage for yourself here.

First ELSE Could Turn Out to have Nothing ELSE

Oh dear. Emblaze, lover of capitalised names, may not be releasing their interesting First ELSE mobile phone after all. We first covered the ELSE late last year and loved their flashy website and equally flashy new operating system, then took another look in February this year when they made an appearance at Mobile World Congress. It was here they re-iterated their intention of bringing out the phone during Q2 and that talks were under way with networks, but since then, nothing. With Q3 2010 a couple of weeks away, Engadget has published some worrying news. A contact in the industry has said their conversations […]