Dialaphone’s Dream Phones

We’re always talking about what we’re getting from phone companies, but what do we really want? This week Dial-a-phone is dreaming, fantasising about future-phones unfettered by the limits of technology. Harriet Rhodes Harriet’s imagination makes Apple’s 3GS look like an eighties brickphone buried in concrete. Instead of connectors, panels and branded logos, her future-phone is a thin pane of transparent material which lights up in use. “Touchscreen” isn’t just a feature, it’s the whole phone, as the portable computer projects holographic buttons above the surface for super-futuristic style. The main challenge won’t be building see-through systems, but finding a transparent […]

Short-sighted Terrorists Target Cellphones

Indian police report that Maoist terrorists have blown up a mobile phone tower in Orissa. The guerrillas asked the guard to leave – which he sensibly did, as he was outnumbered twenty to one outgunned only defending a mobile phone tower They then destroyed said tower with a landmine. Maoists have destroyed dozens of towers over the last few years, fearing that improved communications (and basic civilization) threaten their existence. And they’re right. But they’re being short sighted (a common flaw in such groups) if they think turning back the tide of technology will help them. For one thing it’s impossible, and for […]

Mobile Phones + Smart Sewers = Reduced Water Pollution

Most of the time when we talk about green mobile phone issues, we’re talking about how to recycle your mobile phone or how to use renewable resources to power your device. However, mobile phones are a form of technology that could also be used in advanced methods of greening the earth. One new project that is getting a lot of attention involves using the antennas on cell phone towers to actually reduce the amount of water pollution affecting urban areas. Early studies of this possibility are looking good and trials will be starting soon to see how well this project […]

Ultimate Guide to Etsy Mobile Phone Crafts: 17 Charms, Sleeves, Wallets and More

Are you the kind of person who likes to make a lot of things by hand? Or do you like to buy things that have been handmade by creative people? If so then you know that Etsy is a wonderful place for purchasing such items or just for getting ideas about what you might want to make for yourself. And yes, there are tons of different accessories and items that you can get handmade for your mobile phone. Below you’ll find a list of the many different types of handmade items that people are creating for their cell phones. Hopefully […]

10 Examples of Mobile Phone Furniture and Decor

How much do you love the design of your mobile phone? Sure it’s sleek and stylish. Maybe it’s a bit of a transformer. But would you want to take that same design and turn it into furniture for your house? Most people wouldn’t want a cell phone lounger or little bean bag chair rests for their mobile phones. But then, not all people are most people. There are some people who are totally happy to make mobile phones their lives to the point where this symbol dominates their decor. Here are ten examples of mobile phone inspired furniture and decor […]

12 New and Interesting Mobile Startups

Startups pop up all over the place and disappear just as quickly. It’s hard to tell which ones will make anything that is worth paying attention to in the long run. But even those that don’t last long sometimes bring innovative and interesting stuff to the table. That’s why we’ve been eyeing some of the most recent mobile startups. We want to know what the future holds and we think these folks have some insight into that regardless of whether or not their businesses last over time.Here’s a look at 12 new and interesting mobile startups that are worth glancing […]

How to Avoid Losing your Mobile Phone

How many mobile phones have you had to replace before they were out of date because you lost yours somewhere? Check the lost and found of any bar or restaurant and you’ll see that it’s not uncommon for people to simply leave their phones behind when they’re out and about. Hopefully you’ve got everything on your phone backed up so that you don’t have too many hassles when replacing your lost phone. However it’s a lot better for you if you don’t lose it in the first place, right? And wouldn’t it be nice if we could teach our kids […]