How to Transfer Videos from PC to Nokia 5800

Do you have videos on your PC that you would love to watch on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic handset? Transferring those videos is easy. Here’s how to do that: Insert a memory card into your handset. Attach your Nokia 5800 to your PC using your USB data cable. Select “mass storage” as the form of connection. Choose the video that you want to transfer by locating it on your PC. Transfer the video to E:\My Videos. Properly disconnect the USB cable. On your Nokia 5800 handset, go to Menu. Choose “Applications”. Select “Video Centre”. Find the video that you have […]

How To Use Nokia’s Comes With Music Service

Nokia’s Comes With Music service is a great tool to get unlimited track downloads for free. Once you’ve bought your CWM handset you can download and play any music from the Nokia store – which has millions of tracks and artists. You can get 12, 18 and 24month licenses, giving you plenty of time to stock up on tunes legally! Once the subscription period is over, you can still download tracks but you’ll have to start paying for them on a pay per song basis- similar to iTunes. Alternatively you could get another license, but to do that you need […]

Video Demo of Symbian^3 Whets Our Appetite!

The Symbian^3 platform is due to start appearing on mobile phones well before the end of the year and although we have yet to see the first device, we now have a good, clear video demonstrating the next generation of Symbian OS.  Shot in San Francisco where David Rivas, a Nokia Vice President, presented Symbian^3 to assembled media, it’s a revealing look at the Nokia’s smartphone of the near future. We get to see multiple, user customisable, homescreens in action, switching from landscape to portrait, plus multi-touch control in the photo gallery – a function which is stated as coming […]

Understanding Nokia’s Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile phones, just like any other form of technology, have their own special language which can be confusing for a newcomer to the subject.  If you’re a reader of the news here on the Dial-a-Phone blog, then whenever a handset is talked about, invariably the subject of its operating system comes up.  If you’re unfamiliar with the terminology used, discussions on this won’t mean much, so for the uninitiated, here is a crash course on the operating systems used in this case, by Nokia. Series 30. If you have a modern, basic Nokia mobile phone, then chances are it’s running […]

Nokia Store Selling Skype

In a brave decision to advance with technology (a year after their rivals), Nokia have added Skype’s Voice-over-IP software to their Ovi store.  The new application will allow Symbian smartphone users to make calls over Wifi, 3G or any other data connection – using the “smart” instead of the “phone.” Apple allowed the potential phone-killer into their app store last year, understanding that it isn’t ready to finish off traditional calls just yet (and that banning it only leads to unlocked phones).  Free calls with Skype still depend on your callee having the software installed as well, and the huge […]

Add GPS Data to Your Nokia X6 Photos

One of the great things about having a camera phone with GPS is being able to add geo-location data to each of your pictures.  This information is almost as essential to keeping track of your memory as having a date and time code on your pictures, as it means that you’ll never forget where you took a photograph again! Here’s how to do it: Fire up the X6′s camera by visiting the ‘Menu’, then ‘Applications’ and selecting ‘Camera’. Then press ‘Options’. Then ‘Settings’. Find the ‘Show GPS Info’ option and ensure that it’s set to ‘On’. Your pictures will now […]

Nokia Simplify Range with Naming Makeover

Nokia say they have been working on renaming their mobile phones since 2008, but we only started hearing about the move during the middle of last year, when the C and X series phones came to our attention.  Nokia World saw the launch of the Xseries phones in the form of the X3 and X6 and today has seen the new C5 unveiled. With the X and C now added to the existing, well-known, Eseries and Nseries phones, Nokia have decided to clarify how their new naming system works. The Nseries phones remain their top-of-the-range techno powerhouses, followed by the […]