Nokia X6 Gets Release Date

Nokia has finally set a date for its latest music handset. The Nokia X6 will be hitting Finland and the UK later this week at Dial-a-Phone and Phones 4u. Announced back at the Nokia World event in September, we had almost forgotten about this little gem, what with all the Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Apple goings on, but promising to be Nokia’s coolest music phone yet the X6 was bound to resurface sooner rather than later. So what has the X6 got to offer? – 35hours of music playback – 32 GB internal Memory – 5megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss […]

Two New Nokia Cameraphones Pictured and Detailed

Nokia have today added two new mid-range mobile phones to their portfolio, the 6700 Slide and the 7230.  They are both penciled in for a release during the first quarter of 2010 at a competitively low price, and Nokia are pushing them as being social networking-friendly phones.  This may be the fashionable thing at the moment, but their specification suggests there is more to them than simply that. The 6700 Slide. We already love the 6700 Classic, but the 6700 Slide promises to be a far more outgoing option than its conservative sister phone!  It’ll be available in six shockingly […]

Nokia’s 5330 XpressMusic Gets a Pre-Release Makeover.

Nokia continue their roll of releasing phones we saw ages ago with the news that the 5330 XpressMusic should be on the shelves very soon.  Unusually, the 5330 has undergone a change since we first saw it back in March – yes, March -  in that it has become two phones instead of one.  The original music-orientated 5330 will be out soon, with a 5330 XpressMusic TV Edition to follow sometime in the New Year. The 5330 XpressMusic is a slider phone with similar looks to the also-still-to-be-released Nokia X3.  Here are a few spec highlights: It’s a 3G phone […]

Nokia E72 Gets Over Shyness, Goes Out into the World.

Get the Nokia E72 Now – FREE From Only £20 a Month – Click Here. Believe it or not, the Nokia E72 was made official way back in June this year and despite the promise of a third quarter release date, it’s well into the fourth quarter that the replacement to the E71 finally makes its appearance.  We love the Nokia E71 – so much so we made it one of our highlights of 2008 – and it’s a testament to its brilliant design that it still feels fresh today.  So, if the E71 is still great, what does the […]

Nokia Expands Low-End Portfolio

Nokia has introduced five new handsets to its low-spec range. Aimed at the emerging markets, the phones are easy to use and will be available globally from next year. Nokia Life Tools is onboard, which provides people with a range of livelihood and life improvement services on their mobile phone. Ovi-mail is integrated in a few, giving people access to emails without needing a PC. First up is the Nokia 1280, the handset is Nokia’s cheapest phone to date. It’s been built with the needs of people in remote areas in mind. The 1280 has 5 separate phone books, a […]

Goodbye N-Gage, We Won’t Meet Again.

In an unexpected move, Nokia has officially retired its N-Gage gaming platform and will begin moving their downloadable games to their Ovi store.  The N-Gage website and N-Gage Arena community forum will remain operational until September 2010, by which time Nokia hope to have a similar community system running alongside the Ovi Store. From that point onwards all S40 and Symbian games will be inside the Ovi Store rather than under a separate umbrella, and of course, the Ovi Store will be pre-loaded onto your new Nokia phone.  So although the N-Gage name is being killed off, presumably all the […]

Nokia Sue For Apple’s Money

Nokia have come up with a cunning solution to its dropping market share – start making money off other companies’ phones instead!  That’s the logic behind a lawsuit against Apple, who could end up paying up to half a billion pounds for patents infringed in the production of the iPhone.  Which Nokia claim to have been telling them about all this time, but are only suing for now. The problem is in the power of patents:  it’s not necessary to actually invent a revolutionary new component, the only requirements are to be the first person to file the paperwork and convince […]