Nokia vs Apple Allegations Escalate

Nokia and Apple are locked in an ever-increasing legal dispute based on the fact that there are only a finite number of ways to build a phone, and they’re not going to leave the billion dollar US mobile phone market because someone else did it four seconds earlier. The personal electronics patent battle continues, and the only people anywhere near winning so far are the lawyers. Nokia sued Apple in October last year, alleging the iPhoners were infringing on ten of its patents. Apple countered by claiming Nokia was infringing thirteen of theirs, so Nokia knew they could only do […]

New Nokia is Part Eseries, Part Palm, All Mystic!

This is a strange looking one!  Called the Nokia Mystic, this QWERTY phone first appeared on a Vietnamese website before it was picked up around the world, and it appears to be an evolution of the familiar E71/E72 QWERTY business phone.  What’s most striking though is the central metallic strip containing the call start and end keys, plus the standard D-pad.  This design recalls the old Palm Centro. At this stage all that we know is in the pictures – the E72 keyboard, a 5 megapixel camera with a flash unit and the Symbian S60 operating system.  Speculation suggests Nokia […]

Nokia’s New Year Resolution

A New Year means a fresh start. We’ve had a quick flick through one mobile manufacturer’s New Year’s resolutions… Save the environment, lift spirits, improve productivity and contribute to a healthy lifestyle, these are the four challenges Nokia has set itself in 2010. However, this is no ordinary resolution, because Nokia are seeking out international talent to help them on their mission to ‘make a difference in peoples’ lives’. Calling All Innovators 2010 is a contest for international application developers. Nokia is on the lookout for inspirational applications that will fall into one of four categories: Eco / Being Green: […]

3 Brands Compete for UK Students’ Attention

Which mobile phones do you think are the most popular mobile phones among UK university students right now? Research indicates that there are three brands that are really competing for sales among this particular consumer population. Those three are Nokia, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry. Nokia is currently the most popular handset manufacturer among university students in the UK according to a recent survey completed by Mobile Youth Consultancy. The survey shows that thirty percent of students had a Nokia phone which means that this brand is covering nearly a third of this portion of the market. Sony Ericsson wasn’t too far behind. The survey found that […]

New Comes With Music Nokia 5235 Announced

It’s a shame this latest Nokia announcement deals with a phone that won’t go on sale until the beginning of next year, as it would have been a really excellent Christmas present.  The phone in question is the 5235, a touchscreen phone in the style of the 5800 XpressMusic. Instead of wearing the XpressMusic tag, the 5235 is a Comes With Music phone, giving the owner the chance to download as many songs as they like from the Ovi Store, free of charge, for an entire year!  The price is likely to be around £130 SIM free and will be […]

GPS For Everyone Thanks to the New Nokia 2710 Navigation

At a launch event in Cairo, Nokia have added several new low-end mobile phones to their range and while the majority are basic devices, one does standout due to it having a feature that until recently was reserved for range-topping phones only.  The Nokia 2710 Navigation is the phone is question and as its name suggests, you’ll find GPS onboard. Nothing spectacular about that we admit, but the contract-free price of just 110 Euros makes the 2710 a real bargain!  The Assisted GPS is joined by a digital compass and pre-loaded Nokia Maps software, so being online is not essential […]

Nokia’s Not Apple, Forced To Close Flagship Store

Nokia might be the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, but their efforts to build brand loyalty to match have missed the mark.  Embarrassingly, they’ve been forced to close their flagship “Nokia Store” on Regent Street (just off Piccadilly Circus itself) because it doesn’t make enough money to justify such an exclusive location.  Just down the road, an Apple Store is doing fine. Ever since Apple became more brand (in fact slightly more religion) than company its competitors have been trying to do the same, and it never works.  Nokia will never be more than a well-known electronics manufacturer, and that’s […]