The Nokia N8 is Clearly Angry!

HD Voice and mobile game sensation Angry Birds both make it to the Nokia N8. Which will sway your decision towards the new Nseries smartphone?

Nokia’s Head of Mobile Solutions, Anssi Vanjoki, Resigns

The man who became Nokia’s Director of Mobile Solutions, Anssi Vamjoki, has resigned from the post just a few months after starting the role. A Nokia press release issued this morning said that Mr. Vanjoki, who has been with the company since 1991, would continue working on his current tasks through his six month notice period. It continues with a brief statement from Mr. Vanjoki himself: I felt the time has come to seek new opportunities in my life, at the same time, I am one hundred per cent committed to doing my best for Nokia until my very last working […]

Nokia Encourage Innovation with N8 TV Ad

If the thought of hopping into bed with Pamela Anderson or sharing a lift with Ed Westwick hasn’t convinced you that the Nokia N8 is the phone for you, here is a slightly more conventional method of letting you know; a TV advert. Instead of concentrating on the phone and its features, this initial teaser uses the tagline ‘it’s not technology, it’s what you do with it’ and explores the many unusual ways people use their Nseries phones. This fits in well with the Nseries reputation as ‘mobile computers’ rather than smartphones, plus it engages a wider audience in a way […]