Android will be the leading Mobile OS by 2014

The Motorola Droid kicked off the Android boom earlier this year, and according to market share analysts, this won’t be stopping any time soon. In fact business and technology experts, Gartner, say that Android will be the market leader by 2014. The move to the number one spot is already underway as Gartner predict that the Android platform will be established as the 2nd most used operating system by the end of this year – ahead of RIM, Windows Mobile and iOS. The next step is to get ahead of Nokia’s Symbian operating system and with Symbian being strongly associated […]

Android Evolution Eliminates Need for Motoblur

Motorola recently announced that it will stop focusing on promoting its Android user interface replacement known as Motoblur. This is probably due at least in part to the fact that the evolution of the Android platform itself makes the software unnecessary. The core purpose of Motoblur is to facilitate social networking on certain models of Motorola phones such as the Motorola DEXT. The UI relies on various social networking widgets to simplify the frequent and combined use of sites like Facebook and Twitter. Motoblur was very useful for users when it was first released. However, changes to the Android platform […]

Droid 2 Made Official, R2-D2 Limited Edition to Follow!

We relayed the rumour that the Droid 2 was about to be made official early yesterday and by the end of the day, it had been done! UK Motorola fans shouldn’t get too excited though, as this is currently a US-only device and is set for the Verizon network, so it won’t work on the UK’s GSM bands. Normally we wouldn’t much care, but this time, we’re a little bit sad. However, the stock Droid 2 isn’t the reason why. Motorola have gone with a very similar design to the original Droid/Milestone, but have decided against including the d-pad on the keyboard […]

Motorola Droid 2 Coming This Week?

Even if you don’t live in the USA, you’ll probably still recall the Motorola Droid, as it not only had a great name and advertising campaign, but it put Motorola back on the smartphone map too. The Droid was released in Europe as the Milestone late last year after a period of uncertainty as to whether we would get it at all. Now, less than a year later, Motorola are looking set to release the Droid 2 on the Verizon network in the USA. The new phone will use Google Android 2.2 as its operating system and will be run on a […]

Sharp to Join the Mobile 3D Revolution in Late 2010

Sharp may not be that well-known when it comes to mobile phones in the UK, but in Japan, they’re the country’s biggest manufacturer of them and judging by this Reuters news story, they want to push mobile technology as far as it’s currently possible, with the launch of a 3D phone. The intention is to launch the device internationally by the end of the year, although there are no pictures or spec list for the phone at this stage. The phone will use a special panel that will give the 3D effect without the need for 3D glasses, which to […]

How to Use Motorola DEXT Picture Gallery

The Motorola DEXT has a decent 5 megapixel camera which offers a really cool photo feature set. To get access to all the photo options go to “Picture Gallery” from the HOME screen. Organising the Motorola DEXT Picture Gallery It is really easy to find the picture that you’re looking for because there are different options to organise your images. At the top of the screen you will see categories for your pictures. If you know what category you’ve labelled a photo with, then you can sort through these to find it. Tap on the left of the screen to […]

Motorola Joining Rush to Launch a Tablet Computer

Given the success of Apple’s iPad tablet computer, the first product of its type to go properly mainstream, other manufacturers are keen to get their own versions onto the market as quickly as possible.  We already know there is a Samsung tablet coming, tentatively known as the Galaxy Tab, LG have spoken about an Optimus tablet and more recently HP have hinted they will be launching a ‘PalmPad‘ too. Now Motorola have piped up, with The Street reporting on a rumour that they will be launching their own tablet around November this year.  While the name and spec of said […]